When you are looking for new installation of fences for your home or business, or you need your current fence rejuvenated, turn to our professionals at Rogers & Smith Construction. The installation of a new fence improves the look of your property and can create security that is important to your home or business. 


Pool Safety


Fence Solutions:


Fences don't have to keep the world away from you; however, sometimes privacy is nice. If your looking to create a small or large portion of your yard for times when you just want to enjoy peaceful days, and serine nights, then we have the solution for you. 

Patio for privacy?

Pool Fences Equal Safety

Pool safety is often a concern for home owners because no one wants people drowning in their pool. Besides the initial state of sorrow that comes with the tragedy, their is no doubt the looming worry of being sued. There are many laws that people must sift through to fully understand if they are required to have fences securing their pool area. International Residential Code has part of the information, while appendix G has more.

Need Insurance?

Critter Control

Watching animals in their habitat is a magnificent site, unless those critters are getting into your garden or other area you don't want animals or grandchildren destroying. Consider having a fence constructed to minimize your impact on nature while still enjoying your peaceful space. 

Texas Wildlife